Alex Pettyfer, the 26-year-old actor most known for his roles on “I Am Number Four” and “Magic Mike“, was never lacking in the body department. But now, in preparation for a new role, he got buffed up – and we’re not complaining.

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Alex Pettyfer and his new abs - instagram

Let’s look at the road he took in the past several weeks to get those abs.

This was Alex 9 weeks ago

Not bad-looking by any means (though we would happily skip the beard) – but a bit lacking in the six-pack department.

Alex 6 weeks ago

So he started working out – here’s a video of him working those muscles on Venice Beach:

Alex 1 Week ago

Getting better, and still working out ferociously

Alex Today

“I know I know I’m being an idiot”, he writes in the caption, “But 6 weeks ago I was eating #inandout and drinking #soda, now getting fighting fit for new movie”. The movie, he says, is still a secret – to be revealed soon. We’re waiting!

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