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Readers of GayBuzzer are already well aware that Alex Lee, formerly known as “Alex from Target”, has grown into a major hunk. On his latest Instagram video, Alex was just showing some impressive gym work – when his fans quickly noticed a certain large print in his pants.

Alex from Target day out
Photo: Instagram

Alex Lee came into our lives three years ago as a cute kid working at Target, with a viral photo. Now, at 20-years-old, he’s also a model – and he regularly posts videos from the gym, to our delight.

This weekend, he posted this video, where he’s busy lifting a big weight:


If you watch it again closely, however – as most of his Instagram fans seemed to do – you’ll notice a suspiciously large bulge print in his pants. Sure, you’ll have to squint a bit, but that’s what fans are for.

Fans’ reactions ranged from “Damn. He’s packing heat downstairs…”, to “That crotch print though!! It’s just flawless!!” – and some waited until the end, to be impressed with his “Flawless booty!”… Indeed.

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Hey, that’s what happens when you’re young, hot and have 1.5 million thirsty Instagram fans. And if you want more, there was this last week:


We’ll keep watching.