If you rely on TV shows and movies, prison can look like a scary place – for men in general, but for gay men in particular (if the other inmates know you’re gay, at least).

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An openly gay man who was recently in prison for two years, came to Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything” session – and really opened up about his experiences.

Prisoner in handcuffs

The man was imprisoned for breaking into a house. He was caught, when the neighbors called the cops while he was in the house. Although some of his stories do sound like they’re right out of a gay porn prison scene – some are quite dramatic, and show a different world than what we’ve imagined.

Here are some of the more interesting questions and answers from the session:

1. Did you hook up with guys in prison?

Yeah I hooked up with about 10 different guys. I hooked up with some really hot guys in my opinion. My type is white trash gangster tattoos, and it was filled with them! It was ridiculous.

I was talking to this one guy, fucking beautiful, worked out all the time, tattoos, super hot. We got to talking, turns out he was bi and I sucked him behind an ice machine one day.

I plan on seeing him when he gets out too. We almost got caught another time he was playing with my dick and someone walked in. I was standing behind something it just looked weird and he was in a gang so we had to be careful.

2. How many guys do gay stuff? All of them? Or are there just lots of guys there who never considered doing gay stuff but for some reason they want to in prison?

I wished all of them, but no. There were a lot though. A lot of time it spreads through word of mouth. like that guy fucks around, and then I got good at judging people somewhat like if they give you extra eye contact when you’re walking around outside.

I think a lot of them are bi or maybe they were just gay for the stay it’s hard to be sure.

3. Did you find love in prison?

I pretty much fell in love with someone. I started talking to this guy and we quickly became friends. He is bi and I’m gay.

Neither of us really wanted a committed relationship but we were with each other whenever we could. We started messing around a lot and I really started getting feelings for him.

I actually cried a little when I said bye to him. I just wrote to him and we are planning on living together when he gets out, in 6 months hopefully. I miss him a lot

Shirtless man taking a shower

4. What was an average day like?

I was in a pretty rigorous program most of the time I was down. Wake up around 5:30, get my area together shower and all that and around 7am would go to chow for breakfast than go to groups and classes pretty much all day until 7 at night.

Of course with some free time here and there. I started working out a lot, reading, walking the track, watching other guys work out lol. I spent pretty much all my free time with that one guy, after a while we were inseparable. Time went by pretty fast it’s crazy.

5. Is porn set in prison an accurate depiction of prison sex? Did you have any relations with the guards, or find any of them sexy?

It was not an accurate depiction from the porn that I’ve seen. But the prison that I was in was all big open dorms so there was a lot of sneaking around.

Lots of guys undercover that will fuck with you when other people aren’t around but won’t associate with you around their dudes.

I did have some hot times in there there though. Snuck in a bathroom one time with this gangster white guy covered in tattoos under the premise that I was going to suck him, but when I went in he pulled down my pants and started sucking me, and then we switched and his other friend came in… fun times.

I didn’t have any relations with the guards but a lot of them were hot, yeah.

6. Weren’t you fairly vulnerable to rape being a known gay guy?

It’s a hard question. You have to be aware, and not act like a bitch for lack of a better term, if you stand up for yourself you’re probably not going to get raped.

There are enough willing guys in there that it isn’t that common, but there are those crazy guys that don’t take no for an answer or are fucked up in the head.

Like I said be aware of what things can lead to. Like some random old guy or someone you’re not into starts talking to you trying to holler at you? Shut it down right away and you can avoid future problems.

7. Did you have to find your way towards the gays or was it pretty obvious who you should kinda spend your time with?

It was obvious to a point. I wasn’t out the first couple months so I just kind of stayed to myself until I ran into a friend I knew from county jail and he brought me all the way out of the closet.

If you spend time with an ‘obvious’ fag then everyone assumes you are gay. And there is the really obvious gay guys and from them you can meet others. We had a nice group of guys (or girls for some of them).

8. Are you lonely now that you’re back in the other Zoo people like to call civilized society?

I am a little lonely. It’s a weird feeling being back, not talking to any of my old friends and trying to live a new lifestyle. I was a little uncomfortable when I first got out. too much going on…

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