It’s a thing on YouTube – lots of guys (and girls) film their morning routines, so we can all see how they start their day, and how they get to be so hot. That is, when they’re hot. So these are some of the hottest guys, revealing their morning routine on video.

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1. The Rhodes Bros – Wanna know how Austin gets to be so hot every day? Well, if you just follow his routine… oh, maybe not. But it works for him!

2. Aaron Rhodes – Prefer the other Rhodes brother? There you go. Yes, he’s just as hot, especially in the morning


3. Tyler Oakley – Possibly the best known gay YouTuber – he’s really adorable, and his mornings will cheer you up

4. Coen – This 19 year old beauty knows his morning stuff, and is not afraid to use lotions – and even makeup

5. Michael Hamm – He’s a cosplayer and a youtuber, he’s got a great body, and – he loves the Pokemon. Now combine everything

6. ThatcherJoe – Joe is a cute blondish Brit, and thankfully – he’s shirtless when he wakes up in the morning

7. Luca Fersko – Luca is a beautiful model, so in turn – his mornings are beautiful as well

8. Joey Graceffa – Don’t you just love sexy morning hair? Go ahead and enjoy it while Joey’s making breakfast

9. Pano Tsaklas – It’s muscles time. And teeth whitening. And pajama pants.

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