Better late than never? That’s a common phrase, but when you’re 40-years-old, and you’ve never had sex with ANYONE (men or women), it’s not easy to start. But this guy on Reddit, wants to finally give it a try.

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He never had sex, because he was scared all his life –  and his only “relationship” was a quick encounter with a guy 20 years ago. But now, he wants to change things – but is scared it might be too late.

“I’m over 40 now and I’ve lived a life of near total celibacy”, he writes – and explains:

“There are three major reasons for this. Number 1 is I simply did not want to be gay. Partly for fear of what others would think (like my homophobic parents) and partly because I could not see myself living a ‘gay lifestyle’.

Reasons two and three involve body image and social anxiety issues: On the rare occasions when I would briefly reconsider my choice in life, those things held me back.

It’s 2017, times have changed, and so have my own foolish ideas about identity and homosexuality. I now feel like the biggest idiot ever. I feel a profound shame about the life I’ve chosen for myself. I feel like a social and sexual retard.

I’ve read about others who “came out” late in life, but all of them seem to have relationship and sexual experience with women, and most had at least occasional hook-ups when they were younger and still closeted.

My question is: Is it even possible to start now? I’ve been thinking about dating/chatting/hook-up sites/apps.

How would I present myself? I’ve been thinking about masquerading as “bi-curious” since that seems less pathetic.”

The commenters were quick to offer some home and advice – saying it’s “never too late to start being who you are.”

You can start at 40+ or you can continue being miserable until you die. You know how they say ¨better late than never¨?

Go get some dick, make some online profiles, hit the bars, make a gay friend that will help you open up to the gay scene, whatever that is…

Congrats for finally being yourself. It took you a bit longer, but you´re here.

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