While 2021 wasn’t much better than 2020, there’s still one thing that will always make us happy and joyful on Christmas – and that’s hot guys, of course.

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And what better way to combine the two, than watch hot guys as they celebrate Christmas on social media?

Christmas Santa shirtless 650

So here are some of this year’s best picks:

1. Just a boy and his tree…

2. It’s Daddy Christmas!

3. Just a boy and his Teddy


4. Does that count as a Christmas sweater?

5. Even Chris Hemsworth is celebrating! Sort of…

6. Merry Liftmas!

7. The more the merrier!

8. It’s a white Christmas!

9. Santa is surely coming

10. Ashley Parker Angel and his tight white longjohns!

11. I know what my Christmas wish is…


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