London Pride was held this weekend, and as always, it was not just about freedom, pride and beautiful marriage proposals Рbut also about hate mongering. A group of Anti-Gay protesters were there, spreading hate Рbut then they were met by actor Jesse Eisenberg.

Jesse Eisenberg - London Pride
Photo: YouTube – Urban Pictures UK

Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social Network“, “Batman V Superman“) is in London these days, performing in a play that he wrote – “Spoils“. A video that was shot, shows him walking past the parade route, when he came across a group of Christian demonstrators holding sings with bible quotes.

When Jesse was offered a pamphlet and refused to take it, while shaking his head, the protester asked – “Is your mind closed?”

Jesse, who looked¬†flabbergasted, said in reply – “Is my mind closed? Dude, that’s so fucked up”, and walked away.

Watch the exchange right here:

h/t: NewNowNext

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