Summer is right around the corner, and it’s bathing-suit-season time. Trevor Donovan is ready for the hot season, with a very small, very tight and very revealing bathing suit he wore for a photoshoot. But… there’s a but.

Trevor Donovan bathing suit

Trevor Donovan is a 38-year-old model and TV star, mostly known for his role on the CW’s reboot of 90210, where he portrayed Teddy Montgomery (a character that eventually came out as gay).

In a photo he posted on Instagram today, he made us all happy with this sexy shoot, yet was quite apologetic regarding that bathing suit.

“I would never voluntarily wear a bathing suit like this. Ever. Had to wear it for this photoshoot. Apparently it offends some people. Does it offend you?”

Offensive? Never! We just want more… Here, judge for yourself:

Of course, Trevor’s also not shy about wearing… nothing, for his photoshoots. Last month he shared a photo of himself naked, recreating a photoshoot he had 20 years ago:

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And if you want some more throwback photos, there’s this…