It’s peak summer time, and you know what that means – hot TV stars get hot, so they get wet, while wearing skimpy see-through shorts. And this time – it’s 90210 star Trevor Donovan quenching our thirst.

Trevor Donovan shirtless
Photo: Instagram

Trevor Donovan is a 37-year-old model and TV star, mostly known for his role on the CWโ€™s reboot ofย 90210, where he portrayed Teddy Montgomery (a character that eventually came out as gay).

And yes, he’s still extremely sexy (maybe even more so than back then) – and he’s got abs of steel, which look particularly good when wet. And those wet shorts, of course. Enjoy:

We know you want some more… so don’t worry – there’s more:

… And he’s wet again:

And no beard this time:

We’ll definitely keep watching!