Two times Olympic medallist Tom Daley is, as we all know, engaged to Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. But a Tweet posted by Dustin yesterday, started a web of rumours – are the two already secretly married?

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black holding the medal
Photo: Instagram

Tom Daley is still in Rio these days – after winning one Bronze medal, he’s gunning for another medal, this time on a solo dive, this coming Friday. In the meantime, his fianc√© is there to celebrate with him. Yesterday, Dustin posted the following tweet:

The linked photo (you can see it down here, from Dustin’s Instagram account), shows Dustin along with Johnny ChaillotGreg Louganis’ husband. (Greg is also an openly gay, former Olympic medallist), and referred to both of them as the #DivingHusbands.

The entertaining post started a flood of rumours and questions from fans, who speculated whether Dustin and Tom got secretly married, and are already husbands.

However, the British Mirror contacted Tom’s agent – who confirmed that the two are not YET married. Good, because we want to see wedding photos when it happens!

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