With the new, rebooted Power Rangers movie only weeks from its March 24 release, fans are getting excited. One of the things to get excited about with the new movie, is Dacre Montgomery, the new Red Power Ranger – and his mighty abs.

Dacre Montgomery power rangers
Photo: Lionsgate / Instagram

The 90’s series, and now the movie, tell the story of a group of high school kids with superpowers, who wear color-coded costumes. 22-year-old Dacre Montgomery had to train hard for the movie – and it shows.

As a teaser (pun intended), he posted this photo on his Instagram account yesterday:

Dacre, who’s also going to be in the second season of Netflix’ Stranger Things, has already shown us his impressive skills – weight lifting skills, that is – in the past:


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Aaaand, there’s this:


OK, Just ONE more:


Yep, we can’t wait for the movie. For now, you can watch the trailer right here (and yes, it also features Dacre’s abs) –