If you’re a 90’s kid, you’re probably excited about the upcoming reboot of The Power Rangers TV series (the new movie is expected in 2017). Now there’s a another reason to get excited – the male rangers are training for the part, and they look smokin’ hot while doing it.

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The series (and now the movie) tells the story of a group of high school kids with superpowers, who wear color-coded costumes. First there’s Dacre Montgomery, who you will get to know as The Red Ranger, or perhaps – the super-sexy ranger. Here’s a video of him training (be sure to click the play button in the middle) –



And wait, there’s more:



Then there’s Ludi Lin, otherwise known as The Black Ranger:


And some more:


Then there’s RJ Cyler, also known as The Blue Ranger:


All we can say is… Go Go Power Rangers!

h/t: Just Jared