Alex Passarello is an American soldier (and a handsome one, if we may add), who was stationed in Korea, and is now stationed in Georgia (U.S.). His YouTube channel will take you on a roller coaster of emotions – from his brave coming out, to his emotional return home after a long service abroad, and even fooling around with his ex-boyfriend.

Alex Passarello
Photo: Instagram


A good place to start is probably with his most popular video to date, posted 7 months ago – which documents his return home after serving his country in South Korea for 14 months. Be warned: his reunion with his family WILL make you cry:

Then comes his “Confessions” video – where he reads amusing confessions from fellow soldiers. But then, on 05:05, we get to his own coming out – which, even today, is still not easy for members of the army.

I’ve been struggling with that for a very long time“, he says. “I’m finally happy that I can be happy with who I am.

And in a public Facebook post, he had this to say:

I grew up in a Christian household for eighteen years and was taught the teachings of Jesus since I can remember. So you can imagine my confusion and frustration when I started to notice I was different from others.

I resented it and turned away from who I was to the point where the only thing I surrounded myself with was 5 days a week at church thinking that would ‘fix’ me. This went on for five years. Looking back now, it makes me extremely sad that I hated myself for so long for something that I could not control.

Surprisingly, the thing that has helped me the most with confronting who I am, is the United States Army. The friends and leaders that I have met along the way of this two year journey have shown an overwhelming amount of support and love for me. I couldn’t be more thankful.

In his latest video, you can listen to a (rather long, but interesting) conversation with his dad, about his coming out process:

And, to end on a lighter note – there’s that video in which he goofs around with his [equally handsome] ex-boyfriend. Be sure to also follow him on Instagram, right here.

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