This isn’t the first time we’re enjoying the work (and body, and face) of Spanish model Xavier Serrano – but you’ll agree it’s one of the hottest, once you see the photos he posted this weekend.

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Xavier Serrano is a popular 28-year-old model who has more than 900,000 Instagram followers. He was featured in a variety of publications, and has walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani and others.

He’s often not shy about getting naked and showing us hidden parts of his body, and there was that time when he celebrated his birthday in his birthday suit.

This time, following a photoshoot Xavier did for Rísbel magazine, he posted some behind-the-scenes outtakes from the photoshoot, and it’s… glorious. First, the final published outcome, which is already very hot:

But it gets even better here (be sure to swipe) –

What can we say? Those photos just made our weekend.

Until next time…