With David Beckham being 2015’s People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive (a decent choice), let’s look at where they got it terribly wrong.

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Every year, People Magazine chooses a “Sexiest Man Alive”… and leaves me baffled. Some of them were good looking, yes, but most of them, well, who finds them hot, exactly? Is it because straight women (or male editors) have vastly different tastes than mine? To each his own, but really, it’s time to burst this bubble…

1. Mel Gibson (1985)

Mel Gibson - Sexiest Man Alive? Not so much
Photo: DepositPhotos / S_Bukley

In 1985, he was People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”. Now, it’s true – he was kind of good looking back then, with those big blue eyes, and our views might have been biased by his unpleasant deeds and remarks in recent years – but the bottom line is… he was never really THAT hot.

2. John F. Kennedy Jr. (1988)

John F Kennedy Jr
Photo: DepositPhotos / konstantin32

The late son of JFK, he was People’s “Sexiest Man Alive”, back in 1988, at the age of 27. He wasn’t BAD looking, but I suspect it was always more about his position, prestige and money – than about his looks.

3. Sean Connery (1989)

Sean Connery
Photo: DepositPhotos / s_bukley

Really? The mustache, the hairy chest, those eyebrows… He wasn’t a bear, he (obviously) wasn’t a twink, he didn’t have any muscles, what was he, exactly? Maybe it was the accent.

4. Nick Nolte (1992)

Nick Nolte
Photo: DepositPhotos / s_bukley

He was a big star during the 80’s and 90’s and had all the right materials – blond hair, blue eyes, an action star, and a sense of humor. Yet, the entire package wasn’t that hot. His looks were more to the tone of a straight guy who really digs cars.

5. George Clooney (1997+2006)

George Clooney
Photo: DepositPhotos / S_Bukley

I never “got” Clooney. Again, he’s charismatic, and not a bad actor, and I guess straight women find him “romantic”. But come on… that’s not hot and sexy!

6. Richard Gere (1999)

Richard Gere
Photo: DepositPhotos / Denis Makarenko

I get it, grey hair CAN be sexy sometimes, on the right guy. And Gere did have a lot of charisma and star power. But hot? Really? Again, it might be a straight thing, who knows.

7. Harrison Ford (1998)

Harrison Ford
Photo: DepositPhotos / Photoworksmedia

Ford was always “cool” – when he was young, when he was 54 (when picked for this), and even today. But you don’t usually go to bed with someone just because he’s cool. So, sexy? Ehm… nope.

8. Pierce Brosnan (2001)

Pierce Brosnan
Photo: DepositPhotos / s_bukley

Another Bond! Dear people of People – if Connery’s so sexy, and Brosnan’s so sexy, why not go for Roger Moore as well? Maybe because… NONE of them’s sexy?

9. Hugh Jackman (2008)

Hugh Jackman
Photo: DepositPhotos / s_bukley

So yes, Wolverine is cool, but we’ve already established “cool” doesn’t necessarily mean sexy. Maybe if you’re into… what would the fetish be? Wolves?

10. Bradley Cooper (2011)

Bradley Cooper
Photo: DepositPhotos / s_bukley

He might be funny, he might be a good actor, but in what world could he ever be the SEXIEST man alive? (Or sexy at all, for that matter)

11. Adam Levine (2013)

Adam Levine
Photo: DepositPhotos / S_Bukley

Ok, sorry, now they’re just letting anyone in. He’s kind of good looking sometimes, I’ll give him that – but it’s just too inconsistent.

“Wow – They Got It Right!” Award – Chris Hemsworth (2014)

Chris Hemsworth
Photo: Bigstock / Joe Seer

FINALLY… A “sexiest man alive” who’s actually sexy. Was it just a fluke? We’ll find out when they pick the guy for 2015.