OK, “Accidentally” might be pushing it (or not, who knows) – but UK-based reality TV star Sean Pratt is driving his fans crazy, with a new Instagram photo that put his bulge front and center.

Sean Pratt Ex on The Beach model
Photo: Instagram

Sean Pratt, a 26-year-old British lad from Coventry, was seen on MTV’s Ex On The Beach, a reality show in which single men and women are stranded on a beach… with their exes. Before that, Sean worked as a stripper – and a naked butler.

Sean isn’t shy about putting his tattoo-covered body on display – but this time, he was actually dressed from head to toe. That bulge, though, was… prominent:


Sean’s excited fans were all over the place, from “I see only one thing!” to “People talking like they never seen a dick before.”

And while we’re at it, here’s what he looks like without so many clothes on:


Working out:


Yep, we’ll keep watching.