Regan the Vegan, a sexy Australian (WOW, That accent…) who lives in his van, has been a vegan for 4 years. His YouTube videos are quite popular – due to his veganism, his humor, and, well – that hot body of his.

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Regan the Vegan
Photo: Instagram

In his latest video, he explains (with numerous puns!) why he went vegan, and how he transformed his body from being chubby – to being hot and muscular. Oh, and he also has a request – “Seriously guys, stop asking about the protein…”

So it turns out you CAN getΒ enough protein without eating meat (yes, we’re doing the pun thing). And here’s how, courtesy of Regan’s muscles:

Oh, and did we mention he’s a yoga instructor? It looks like that:

Regan also has an active Instagram account, where you can see photos of fruits and vegetables, and, more importantly, photos of Regan:

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Today's @YogaNRG #YamaNiyamaChallenge is 'samtosha' or Contentment. What do you need to be happy? I used to think it was money, a place in society, a nice car or house, some latest piece of technology or fashion and ultimately how I measured up to the person next to me. We strive for these things and yet when we finally get them the feeling fades and we are left thinking up the next thing we can chase. I slowly learnt that the secret to happiness is not getting what you want, but instead wanting what you already have. With that small change in perspective we can end the chase of our own tail. Over more money I choose to have more time, over a place in society I choose a place by the beach, over a nice car and house I choose an old van which is my house, when choosing material things I aim to own only what adds value to my life and when comparing to others I realise it's time spent away from appreciating and using my own strengths. Suffering is wanting more than is available to you in the present moment πŸ™πŸ»

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Doing the Yoga thing:

Yes, you CAN be a vegan and look like that:

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Veganism seems to be a hotter and hotter topic each day. I'm not here to argue with anyone about going Vegan, I don't find it as effective as living the example and showing what's possible to those who are open to it. After being 4 years Vegan I'm the happiest, healthiest version of myself so far. Beyond the arguments of right, wrong, healthiest, unhealthiest, 'humane' and inhumane, day in and day out millions of people are proving the we can thrive off a plant based Vegan diet and that the farming, torture and killing of animals is simply not necessary. What we put out into the universe comes back to us. Be the change you want to see in the world. πŸ™πŸ» For the animals, planet and your health go Vegan 🌱

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OK, Just one more:

To learn more about Regan, be sure to visit his YouTube channel.