Pietro Boselli, the 28-year-old model who was once the world’s hottest maths teacher and is now just the world’s hottest everything, was in the Philippines recently, where he spent most of his time in a tiny Speedo on the beach.

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But it can get kind of lonely when you’re on a small island… so Pietro has to improvise. With a Filipino man.

Pietro Boselli beach workout

“I’m on this tiny tiny island”, Pietro explains, “and I’m left here alone with no means of working out. So I need to figure out how to workout. I need to find out something I can actually lift, repeatedly, for exercise. Let me look around…”

And then – An answer emerges:

“Ah! That Fillipino man looks ideal…”

At that point, Pietro starts stalking the man, then he chases him over the beach, and when he finally catches him…

Watch and Enjoy: