If you’re not a big Instagram user, you might ask “Sean Who?” – but with 1 million followers on Instagram, 27-year-old Sean O’Donnell is a big social media star. Plus, he has a fun YouTube channel…

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Your next question might be – why should I care? Oh you will care, once you see his abs. (And, you know, he celebrated his birthday this week – so there’s that).

There you go:

1. A working man

2. The thing with the shirt

3. Just sitting there

4. Nice arms, too!

5. Pool time

6. Some more fun at the pool

7. Time to chop some wood

8. Gotta have a bathroom selfie!

9. He spends a lot of time at the pool

10. You have to work for your abs

11. Bed time?


12. Chilling

13. Over and out