Some models just make you stop in your tracks, drop everything you do, leave it all behind – and stare at a picture. Adam Jakubowski, a Polish model, photographer and stylist is one of those guys – just look at his photos (some of them are VERY revealing…)

Adam is a 29-year-old model from Poland, who also works as a makeup artist, a stylist, and a photographer for his own studio.

As you’ll quickly see, he’s not afraid to put his whole magnificent body on display – and his photoshoots with other men are even more exciting. Let’s have a look at some of his best work…

1. Shower Time

2. Bath Time

3. Oh look, now he’s IN the bath

4. So bubbly

5. Boys will be boys (… with whipped cream)

6. They’re still at it

7. Almost naked

8. And now he’s naked (well, except for the shoes)

9. Double Trouble

10. “Naked Tuesday”

11. Sometimes you just want to stay in bed

12. Having fun

13. Double fun

14. We could go on for hours…

15. Let’s end on a serious note

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