Do you know what’s sweet, hot and comes from Denmark? Yes, Danish cookies straight from the oven. But also… Danish model Oliver Svejstrup Brynnum, who is the sexiest thing you’re going to see today (or possibly this month).

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Oliver Svejstrup Brynnum model shirtless
Photo: Instagram

He’s a 23-years-old model who travels the world (he’s currently in Seoul!), he has a popular Instagram profile (149,000 followers and counting!) and a YouTube channel as well.

So get ready to get addicted – once you see his photos…

1. Yes, we’re smiling already

2. Hot when he’s serious, too

3. We love men in leather coats

4. Definitely hot

5. Pool time!

6. Two are even better than one

7. He’s wet again

8. That body takes a lot of work

9. The obligatory gym selfie

10. Those eyes…

11. That body…

And finally, if you want to learn more about him – here’s a recent Q&A video he did:

Mr man Taron