Oh No! Nick Sandell, the hot 23-year-old trainer and fitness model, was caught changing clothes in his car. “Caught” with a camera, that is. And we couldn’t be happier!

Nick Sandell in his underwear
Photo: Instagram

OK, Yes, we’re big fans of Nick Sandell. But it’s not just that – isn’t there something extra exciting about a guy being semi-naked in a car?

You be the judge, as you stare at this photo, which Nick shared with his close to 200,000 Instagram followers.

“Caught changing in the Audi again”, he writes in his caption, as he’s showing us… this:


The only question on our minds now, obviously, is – when was the last time, and why didn’t we get to see it?

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Nick’s Instagram fans were also wondering if he tends to drive this way. “Must get pulled over a lot then, right?” – Hmm…