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Have you watched the season premiere of Scream Queens yet? If not, you’re missing out on a very gay, very shirtless Nick Jonas, as the closeted (for now) Boone.

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Nick Jonas - Scream Queens
Photos: Scream Queens / Fox

Scream Queens is the latest series from Glee’s creator Ryan Murphy, combining comedy, horror, and hot guys (and girls, we’re told). Teen heart-throb singer-turned-actor, Nick Jonas, plays a college frat boy who seems to really love male bodies – including his own.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jonas promised a very intense character. “He’s got a lot under the surface that you don’t see at first, and it all unravels as the show goes on.”

This is actually the second gay role for Jonas – he also stars on “Kingdoms”, where he plays a gay wrestler. “Whatever I can do for the [LGBT] community is just a blessing for me.”

See the full interview right here, and if you happened to miss the premiere, you can watch it on Hulu with a 2-week free trial.

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