The joy of reality TV talent shows: Where else would we get a group of hot Italian men dance to the tune of Britney Spears’ “Breathe on Me”, while pretending to be athletes in a locker room, all while taking their clothes off? (Other than in a cheesy gay porn film, perhaps).

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Amici breathe on me dance

Amici is an Italian talent show that’s been running since 2001. It follows a class of 20 “students” who aspire to become professional singers and dancers. Each week, they perform a dance/song routine, with contestants being expelled from the competition.

This year, a contestant called Andreas (he’s the one with in blue) was joined by some very hot guys, and they all recreated Britney Spears’ “Breath on Me” performance, replacing Britney’s female dancers with these hot male equivalents.

The theme? A locker room, where men dance, take their clothes off, and some even get a massage from other men. Instead of talking about it, let’s enjoy the view:

h/t: BananaGuide [NSFW Link!)

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