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The cancellation of HBO’s “Looking” earlier this year was bad news for us. But at least we’re about to get an explosive finale, with – as series star Jonathan Groff promises – “A lot of sex”.

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Jonathan Groff - Looking
Photo: HBO

Looking was a drama series about a group of [mostly] gay friends living in San Francisco. It was often criticized as not having a whole lot of plot – but that was part of its charm, as it presented a slice of life of gay men in America today. Plus, of course, hunky guys having sex.

Jonathan Groff Looking Might Hot in Leather
Photo: HBO

Alas, the show was cancelled by HBO during its second season, but at least we’re getting a lengthy one-time special, to be aired next year, which will serve as the series finale. In a recent on-stage interview with Broadway World, Groff, who is openly gay, spoke about shooting the finale:

There’s a lot of sex. I don’t want to say who it was with, but I just shot the most intense sex scene I’ve ever done.

One of the cool things about ‘Looking’ is that after the first season, a lot of people – shockingly, liberal, open artists in New York and L.A. – said they didn’t know that gay people could have sex while facing each other. The show illuminated intimacy in sex [between men] without being porny or salacious.

There’s something special about ‘Looking.’ Not a day has gone by that I haven’t wept. It’s been very emotional [but] great that we get to say goodbye to San Francisco and our characters.”

We can’t wait.

h/t – GayTimes



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