Phil Duncan is a 28-year-old man who likes to travel the world. Plus, he REALLY likes pizza. And lucky for us (because he’s hot), he documents his pizza-eating travels on Instagram.

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Phil Duncan eating pizza around the world
Photo: Instagram

Originally from Liverpool, England, so far Phil’s traveled to more than 30 countries across five continents, while eating – yes – pizza. In New York alone, he’s been to 10 different pizza places, as documented on his blog, Travel Slice.

Of course, the biggest question on our minds – how does he stay this hot, with this incredible body, while eating so much pizza? It appears he still has some secrets up his sleeve…

Go ahead and enjoy some of his best (i.e. shirtless) pizza eating photos:

Look at that mighty… Pizza!


Some more beautiful… Pizza


It can get really hot in Thailand


He’s just as adorable with his shirt on


Sometimes it’s better to eat with a friend


Keep travelling, Phil!

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