Hummus (a middle-eastern chickpeas spread) is tasty and good for your health. Hot men are, well, also tasty and good for your health. So why not combine the two?

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That’s exactly what’s happening on a new Instagram account called “Hot Dudes and Hummus“, created by a group of Israeli students, to celebrate Israel’s 68th independence day. The theme? Hot Israeli men (mostly shirtless), eating… yes, Hummus.

Hungry yet? Wait until you see the pictures:

1. Hummus is obviously good for your physique

2. Two for the price of one

3. Greetings from Israel

4. A tasty treat

5. Such a tease

6. Don’t forget the Pita bread

7. Hummus on the beach

8. Straight from the box?!

9. Really, it’s good for your health

Mr man Taron