Why settle for one hot model, when you can have two? Thankfully, lots of hot models are buddies, and pose together for beautiful Instagram photos. And best of all, these pictures will turn your fantasy dial way up…

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1. House-favorite River Viiperi along with buddy Andrea Denver. So homey!

2. Francisco Lachowski and David Agbodji – Ebony and Ivory. Yum.


3. Francisco Lachowski has more friends! Such as the super-hot Ryan Frederick


4. Double the abs, Double the pleasure. Micah Truitt and Dean Bartlett


5. Why settle for two models when you can have three? Landon Falgoust, Zach Pricer, and Micah Truitt


6. A model (Dean Bartlett) and his trainer. The stories they could tell!


7. Gym class NEVER looked like this in my school. Maybe because my school lacked a Ryan Frederick



8. Hey look, it’s Matthew Noszka with his buddies, and he’s shirtless for some reason, and they’re not!



9. Now that’s just the threesome of your dreams, isn’t it?


10. When models like Edward Wilding take a selfie, they always happen to have a couple of other hots guys with them, right?


11. Andrea Denver is a real model, and you’re NOT dreaming right now, that’s really him playing ball with his hot buddies.


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