Like it or not, if you’re out there in the dating world (and even if you’re not), you’re supposed to look your best. In a recent Reddit discussion, the men pitched in to reveal their secrets – what can you do to look more attractive?

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1. Don’t wear white socks: It’s what elderly men wear. It’s just so much more visually appealing if you have nice patterned socks, or no-show socks.

Don't wear white socks
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2. Watch what you eat: Eat a balanced diet. Micro-nutrients in veggies/fruits will make your hair smoother and nicer, skin clearer and aid your overall appearance.

3. Good posture: Stand up straight (but not rigid), shoulders back (but not painfully so) and breath through your chest, not your stomach.

4. Watch your teeth: Whitening your teeth is something easy that is really attractive in a guy. Yellow teeth are a turn off. And remember to floss.

Don't forget to floss!
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5. Watch your clothes: Buy your size. Baggy is out, slimmer is in. Wear darker stuff to make you seem slimmer.

6. Stay Wet: Shower at least once a day. Use moisturizer for you skin, or the sun will ruin it.

Stay Wet!
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7. Exercise, even a little: Even guys who wouldn’t be considered conventionally attractive have a handsomer glow when they’re sweating after the gym.


8. Watch your hair: “I’m rather basic, but I get my hair cut every week, and I style it.”

9. Facial Hair: Only if it looks good on you. And make sure you trim and keep it tidy.

10. Mind your eyebrows: Make sure your eyebrows don’t merge into one. Shape them, but not to the extent where it looks like you have them drawn with a ruler onto your face.

And if all else fails… Listen to this guy:

“This is all too much effort. I’m okay being a fat fuck slob until I die.”

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