We’ve been hearing about King Cobra for months now – and today, the official, full trailer finally dropped – and it’s… quite steamy.

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King Cobra trailer
Photo: YouTube

The film is based on events from 2007, when porn producer Brian Kocis (Christian Slater in the movie) was brutally murdered by two rival porn actors/producers, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes (James Franco and Keegan Allen), in hopes of snagging Kocis’ studio star – Sean Paul Lockhart, also known as Brent Corrigan (played in the movie by former-Disney-star Garret Clayton).

The movie opened in Tribeca earlier this year, and has so far received rave reviews. Brent Corrigan himself, refused to take part in the movie: “[King Cobra] is made, and it’s not about me”, he wrote on his official Twitter account. “It’s Hollywood’s attempt at bastardizing my early years in porn, one man’s murder, blah blah”.

The new trailer shows some pretty explicit moments between the 4 male stars. Director Justin Kelly promised a very explicit and “unapologetic” depiction of gay sex. “A few times, the actors took things further than the script”, he said.

Watch the trailer right here: