When you date someone, there’s a lot you don’t know about him. Sometimes you’re just clueless about his taste in movies, but sometimes… you find out he was in a three-way, and it’s on Xtube for everyone to see.

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Found the guy I'm dating on Xtube
Photo: Deposit Photos – Wrangel

That’s exactly what happened to this user on Reddit:

So I started seeing this guy a couple weeks ago and only a couple days ago has it gotten serious. Very into each other, etc.

I was doing my ‘late night internet browsing’ and found the guy in an xtube video in a threeway. The video was posted a few days ago.

I feel sorta weird about it. I don’t know whether I should let him know that it’s up there or not. I don’t want to embarrass him but I’m not sure if he knows the 2 guys he had fun with posted the video online. I’d want to know if someone did that to me.

Should I tell him? If so, what’s the best way without embarrassing him? I don’t really mind too much, although this threeway could’ve happened when we were going on dates and such. We weren’t ‘together’ like we kinda are now.

Definitely not an easy situation. Some of the Reddit commenters were naturally mostly interested in watching the actual video, but some had some firm advice:

Some shared similar stories:

And remember to be careful, as this might be you next time:

But then, a short while before we published this article… An update! Turns out there’s a happy ending:

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