Last June, The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage took the world by storm, and inspired numerous moving reactions.

One of the more emotional ones comes from American pianist Fritz Steinegger, who – on his deathbed at the age of 80 – wrote new lyrics to the Wedding March, celebrating the SCOTUS decision.

Fritz Steinegger
Photo: YouTube

According to an on-line biography, Fritz was a prize-winning American pianist, who studied in New York and went on to play recital tours of Europe, appearing as a soloist with leading ensembles.

Five years ago, at the age of 75, he was diagnosed with cancer, as told by his friend and neighbor, Robert. After a five-year battle, he eventually ended up in a hospice in San Francisco – where he filmed this video in September 2015.

“I’m here with my wonderful hospice nurse Richard”, Fritz says in the video. “I just woke up a while ago and had an idea that it might be fun to have some new words to the wedding march. I can’t sing at all so bear with me please.”

Then, with a broken yet exuberant voice, he sings the new lyrics he wrote for his “Gay Wedding March”.

Jason and John
Randy and Ron
Pancho and Victorino
Sammy and Sean

Ginger and Jan
Nora and Nan
Kathy and Caterina
Olga and Anne

Hail Justice Roberts
And to thee, Anthony
Sonia, Elena, thanks for
Setting us free!

Back in the old days
A twosome’s hopes were

Then, to the rescue,
Up steps Gavin Newsom

David and Ted come
Forth to lead the cause
Shaming a court of antiquated

He concludes the video by saying “All the best to all newlyweds everywhere. ALIVE in San Fransisco, I am Fritz.”

Fritz passed away 3 months later.

See the inspiring video right here:


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