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Every 80’s television watcher remembers cute Jonathan (Angela’s son) from “Who’s The Boss”. In 1997, he publicly came out as gay, after being threatened by a tabloidPintauro is now 39, and in an upcoming “Oprah: Where Are They Now” episode, he talks about the ramifications of that decision.

Danny Pintauro - Then and Now
Photos: ABC / Harpo Productions

“My life changed a %100. I never got a job again as an actor, partly, and that happens. Back then you didn’t have Will and Grace, you didn’t have any of that and other factors were involved too.

“Three years later, when I actually started trying, everyone has forgotten about me and all they knew is these two things which is that I’m a child celebrity, Jonathan Bower, and that I’m gay.”

Out of an acting job, Pintauro had to jump between jobs, one of which was a Tupperware salesman in a group of drag queens.

In another part of the interview, Pintauro talks about his downward spiral with Crystal Meth and too much casual sex.

“I had just come out of a two-year relationship and I discovered in that relationship that there was more I wanted to explore, sexually. Crystal meth takes away your inhibitions, you have no limits. You’re never satisfied with what’s happening in front of you. 

“The one reaction that I know is going to happen for sure – the one that really makes me the most sad – is the disappointment that I didn’t live up to that short list of child celebrities that haven’t gotten involved in drugs or alcohol”

Last year, Pintauro legally married his boyfriend of two years, Wil Tabares. On the happy occasion, he told E! News:

“There were people here today at our wedding who I’ve known forever and ever, and those people turned to me and said ‘I would never have believed in a million years 10 years ago that you’d actually be able to get married and call someone your husband, legally. It’s amazing!”

Thanks to Entertainment Tonight, we can already see a part of the interview right here:

And you KNOW you have to see and hear the theme song from Who’s The Boss right now. So there:

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