With at least 50Β people dead at the “Pulse” LGBTQ club in Orlando, the mass-shooting incident is a terrible tragedy, with people being murdered for being different. Several celebrities from around the world have reacted to the events:

Staying Strong Together

Tom Daley – Olympic Medalist

Gus Kenworthy – Olympic Medalist

Tyler Oakley – Popular YouTuber

Tyler Oakley
Photo: Deposit Photos – Jean Nelson

Calum McSwiggan – Popular YouTuber

Nick Jonas – Singer / Actor

Nick Jonas
Photo: Deposit Photos – Kobby Dagan

Adam Lambert – Singer/Songwriter

Hillary Clinton – Presidential Candidate

Dustin Lance Black – Filmmaker

Tom Daley - and Dustin Lance Black
Dustin Lance Black with Tom Daley Photo: Instagram

Kevin Smith – Film Director

Alan Cumming – Actor

Matt Bomer – Actor

Matt Bomer
Photo: Deposit Photos / Jean Nelson

Steve Grand – Singer/Songwriter

Mr man Taron