It’s an unfortunate fact that inside our community (or any community of human beings, for that matter), there’s still a lot of hate and internal bashing. Openly gay Singer/songwriter Brandon Skeie took to Facebook, to lament the terrible comments he gets from other gay men on a daily basis.

Brandon Skeie
Photo: Instagram

Brandon, the 23-year-old singer, recently moved our hearts with his tribute song (along with Eli Lieb) to the Orlando victims, “Pulse“. Last year, he saw major success with his cover-version of Adele’s “Hello”. But success, it seems, always brings haters along for the ride.

“It is amazing to me how much hate I get from gay men on the daily”, Brandon wrote in a public Facebook post, and continued:

It is almost comedic to me that such a segregated community would be doing the majority of the bashing that I receive. Although I am not a person to let what other people say about me affect me it is still very interesting to see.

Especially when I receive comments from people saying I am a horrible person because I take a selfie or I am whore filled slutty bottom (my favorite) because I didn’t respond to your message. Get the fuck over yourself & learn to be respectful.

We full-heartedly support that request.


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