Ah, the questions you get asked when you’re young, good looking, and a U.S. champion figure skater – like… is your butt real? And that’s what happened to Adam Rippon, who took to Twitter to put the issue to rest.

Adam Rippon
Photo: Instagram

Adam Rippon, the 28-year-old openly gay figure skater (and a 2016 Gold Medalist at the U.S. championships), was in Japan last weekend, competing at the Grand Prix Finals.

As a figure skater, Instagram and YouTube are filled with nice images and videos of him doing his thing – but apparently, that has brought up questions regarding… the authenticity of his ass.

“There’s been a lot questions to whether I compete with butt pads on”, Adam wrote on Twitter. “And I’d like to set the record straight and let it be known that no, it’s just my real butt.”

Which is bound to make you even more pleased to look at these:

No pads:

All real:

OK, the other side is nice too:

And here’s a video of him figure skating at the 2017 Grand Prix: