Hot guys love going to the gym. Or wait, maybe it’s the other way around? Either way, we love hot guys at the gym, and thankfully lots of them post on Instagram. Here are some of the best.

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1. Dustin McNeer is truly handsome AND he goes to the gym a lot. Perfect combination?

2. Please don’t ever give up, we’re rooting for you…


3. Sometimes you don’t have to actually be AT the gym [Video!]


4. You can never go wrong with “Heavy Chest Day”


5. Sometimes you don’t need any equipment


6. Rob Evans is an ex-boxer, so no surprise there…


7. Those weights are almost bigger than him… [Video!]


8. Steven R. McQueen has to work for that amazing body [Video!]


9. The photo’s kind of blurry – but it’s worth it


10. Yep, three are better than one


11. An international model’s gotta do what an international model’s gotta do


12. Sometimes gym photos look like art


13. I’m not sure that’s the best advice… but if we end up looking like him – then OK


14. River Viiperi working out while looking incredibly handsome


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If grins could seduce… Oh they can actually #Repost @d_mcneer

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