It’s a festive GayBuzzer tradition – looking at some of the internet’s hottest guys, as they celebrate Christmas with or without their clothes on – because that’s the best way to celebrate!

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Adam Jakubowski Christmas
Photo: Marcin Rychล‚y / Twitter

So let’s have a look at this year’s hottest men and their yule logs (or something)…

1. Austin Scoggin Definitely Knows How To Have A Hot Christmas

2. Our Favourite Polish Model, Adam Jakubowski

3. Luis Fernando Gonzalez Has A Long Name And A… Well…

4. Collins Knows What Kind Of Gift We All Want

5. Well Of Course Michael Hamm Knows How To Do A Sexy Christmas

6. Hendrik Erects His Own Tree

7. Too Much Shirt, But Other Than That…

8. Santa will surely come

9. Antoni Porowski And His Santa

10. Sometimes a hat is enough

11. AbsolutelyBlake And His Candy Cane

12. Merry Christmas!