Blake McPherson Рor as you might know him from the name of his channel, AbsolutelyBlake Рis a Canadian 24-year-old YouTuber who is not only popular Рbut also good looking (as the two often go together).

So when he bared his ass on Instagram this week, we were understandably pleased.

AbsloutleyBlake Blake McPherson shirtless
Photo: Instagram

AbsolutelyBlake, who currently has more than 57,000 followers on his YouTube channel, says his “goal is to become the most open YouTuber on the platform”. And if that means taking all his clothes off – well, we’re all for that.

And if you’re wondering what the front looks like – at least a part of it – well, it looks just as good:

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Oh but wait, there’s more –

And yes, he also gets nude on his YouTube channel. Case in point:

We’ll keep watching, of course.