Yesterday we told you the unfortunate news about Russell Tovey cancelling his engagement to rugby player Steve Brockman.

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And while a breakup is never pleasant, we can at least take comfort in the fact that Russell is back on the market again – which is the perfect time to look at some of his nude moments, right?

Russell Tovey quantico

36-year-old Russell Tovey is known from TV shows such as HBO’s Looking, the UK version of Being Human, and action series Quantico. He was also lucky enough to kiss Wentworth Miller on Legends of Tomorrow.

And we’re lucky that he keeps taking his clothes off on screen, so our friends at Mr Man collected some of his best moments. To see the full, uncensored list and video clips – go here.

We’ll start with The Job Lot, a British sitcom about the staff at job centre, with Russell playing “romantic dreamer” Karl. And he got naked – here’s a fun moment from Season 3.

Russell Tovey the job lot naked

Now we’re moving to HBO’s Looking, which was one of Russell’s first roles in the US (after several successful parts on UK TV.)

Russell Tovey shirtless looking

He joined Jonathan Groff and the rest of the cast near the end of Season 1, and continued on for the second (and last) season.

And he got naked again.

Russell Tovey naked looking

In 2016, Russell starred alongside Arinzé Kene in The Pass, a film that tells the story of two young, handsome footballers (that’s soccer players for our American readers) who spend the night before an important game in a hotel room together…

Rusell Tovey underwear the pass

Oh, and then this happens:

Arinzé Kene Rusell Tovey naked the pass

Excited yet – go see more of Russell, and other naked celebrities, over at Mr Man – where they’re offering a very special Pride Month price these days (NSFW Link!).