Whether you’re looking for a gift to give to others, or a gift for yourself (go ahead! The holidays are the perfect time to indulge yourself), there are still great deals to be found online, even a few days before Christmas.

WOW! Gay Porn Spring Discounts: The Ultimate List ⮕

We’ve collected some of the best deals and products that gay men (like us) might be interested in. (Plus, you can help support GayBuzzer by using the links on this page to buy the gifts, at no extra cost to you. But we’ll love you even if you don’t! Just less.)

It's Shirtless Santa Claus!

Grokker – A Year Of Unlimited Workouts and Yoga – $60 (Instead of $120!)

Grokker - Give the gift of YogaNothing says “I love you!” more than telling someone they need to start working out! OK, maybe not exactly in that way.

But still, your friends and relatives will love you when they get a whole year of online video classes with premium workout, yoga, meditation, and healthy cooking videos, along with support and answers from real experts.

Give it to a loved one, or even as a gift to yourself – it’s a real bargain for %50 off.

Click Here to get it.

Rainbow White Furry Santa Hat – $17.49 (Instead of $24.99)

Santa Rainbow HatSantas come in all shapes and sizes – even Rainbow colored ones! Either give this as a gift, or show up to your next Christmas party as the gayest Santa ever. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Plus, Pride Shack (where this is sold) is having lots of Christmas specials – from free shipping to full cart discounts – so go ahead and pick your favorite rainbow, so you can get lots and lots of deals.

(Real Santa not included)

Click Here to get it.

Rainbow Pet Collar – $11.19 (Instead of $15.99)

Rainbow Pet CollarWhy should you get all the fun, while your dog/cat is left with nothing? Spoil them this Christmas with a rainbow-colored collar, and ALL your neighbours will know you’re gay, even the ones who thought you just had “really good male friends”.

(Oh and technically, this can be used on…hmm… humans as well – if that’s your thing. But you didn’t hear it from us).

Plus, Pride Shack (where this is sold) is having lots of additional Christmas specials – from free shipping to full cart discounts – so go ahead and pick your favorite rainbow.

Click Here to get it.

Tom Daley’s Official Calendar 2016 – $19.99

Tom Daley's 2016 Calendar

Ready to celebrate Tom’s engagement every day of the year? What better way to do it than with his face plastered on your wall?

And, you know, his amazing abs – because unlike what the cover might suggest, he DOESN’T wear a shirt on many of the months.

Click here to get it.

ZYPPAH – The Snoring Eliminator – Save $30 on Two Devices

zyppah - The Snoring EliminatorI know, I know, not exactly the sexiest of Christmas gifts. However, gay couples know this well: men snore. And as much as I love my husband, it’s disastrous when I don’t get a good night’s sleep… and vice versa.

ZYPPAH is an FDA-cleared, self-molded, boil-and-bite oral appliance that is effective, safe and easy to use, and combines two solutions to address your snoring problem.

And now, you can get TWO for $30 off that regular price – one for you and one for your SO. Or as a gift for your favorite couple!

Click here to get it.

Happy Hedgehog Mittens – $18.99 (Before additional discount)

Hedgehog mittensWinter is coming, and we all need mittens – so why not get the most adorable mittens you’ve ever seen? They have super soft fleece lining to keep your hands warm, and eyes as cute as a button (mainly because, well, they ARE buttons).

And just in time for Christmas, Perpetual Kid (where these are sold) are having several special sales – including %15 off everything (above $25), with the coupon code GIFTS.

Click Here to get the mittens. 

LED Disco Party Bulb – $14.99 (Before additional discounts)

Disco BulbWho says you need to get out of the house when you want to disco? With this special bulb, you can have a disco party every night, in your jammies.

It automatically rotates and provides a full 120 degrees prism of red, green and blue light show of awesomeness (Gloria Gaynor NOT included).

And just in time for Christmas, Perpetual Kid (where these are sold) are having several special sales – including %15 off everything (above $25), with the coupon code GIFTS.

Click Here to get it.


A Special Letter From Santa – 10% Off

A Letter from SantaHave children? Have friends with children? Want to make some stranger’s children happy? Send them a real letter from Santa, straight from the north pole.

They’ll get a personalized letter from Santa Claus thanking them for being so good this year. Santa will mention the child, their friend’s name, and the name of their town. They’ll also get a “Good Behavior” certificate, and a “Nice Children’s List” with your child’s name.

Oh, and you CAN send this to your boyfriend, or even to yourself – we won’t tell Santa. Besides, we’re all children at heart.

Click Here to get it.

Men’s Sweaters on Amazon – 60% Off Or More

CK Sweater on AmazonSweaters have multi purposes – they keep you warm, but they also make you HOT (as long as you’re wearing the RIGHT sweater, of course, otherwise you run the risk of looking like your grandfather).

A man in a nice sweater on a cold winter night is just first-class boyfriend material. So get one for yourself, get one for your boyfriend, or just for someone in your life who’s in need of a sweater (or a boyfriend) – for 60% off (and more), some of these are a real steal.

Click Here to get them.

Amazon FireTV Gaming Edition – $114.99 (instead of $139.99) – $25 Dollars Off

amazon firetv gaming editionSure, we’re gay, but we’re also still men and we like our hi-tech toys.

Cord cutters, and even those who still get a cable bill, should really start looking into streaming boxes. The FireTV is my personal favorite – and while the FireTV Stick ($49.99) is the best choice if you’re travelling, the best device for your living room is the full sized FireTV.

The Gaming Edition comes with the latest version of the FireTV (that includes support for 4K television), along with:

  • The FireTV game controller (it’s really pointless to try and play games with the regular remote)
  • A 32GB micro-sd card for holding additional games (or any other content)
  • Two included games – the award winning “Shovel Knight” along with Disney DuckTales: Remastered (yeah, sorry)

And the best part – for a very limited time, you’re getting the complete package for only $114.99 when buying direct from Amazon.

Click Here to get it.

Give The Gift of Amazon Prime – $99 For One Year

Amazon PrimeIt’s not a special price – but the amount of stuff you get with a yearly Amazon Prime subscription is astounding: Free two-day shipping from Amazon, access to Amazon Prime Music, Free streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies (including Transparent), and lots more.

And the best thing – the people you give it to as a gift get it by email on the date you choose, so there are no worries of it getting in time for Christmas… Click Here to get it.

And if you just want it for yourself, you might as well get a FREE TRIAL for 30 days, by clicking here.


And don’t forget… Have A Merry Christmas!