Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle is a British reality star, who appeared on shows such as Geordie Shore (a spinoff of Jersey Shore) and MTV’s Ex On The Beach.

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Earlier today, his 2.9 MILLION followers on Instagram went crazy – as a shirtless photo revealed, well, almost everything.

Gary Gaz Beadle
Photo: Instagram

The 28-year-old definitely has the body of a reality-TV hunk, with an impressive six-pack. The shot was probably taken after a gym session, but it seems Gaz got a bit… “too” excited.

Fans were quick to mention “Parsnip“, which was Gaz’ ex’ nickname for his penis. A rather large parsnip, that is.

Update: The original photo was eventually deleted. But then Gaz posted this one – which is… close enough:

And you might as well enjoy some other enjoyable – though not quite as revealing – shots of Gaz:

No filter needed indeed –

There’s that six-pack again:

And a bromance moment: