Let’s face it, Instagram is full of beautiful men these days. But sometimes there’s one that catches your eye – the handsome face, the toned body, that bubbly… well, let’s take a closer look at Jaye Slay.

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Jaye is quite new on Instagram (at least with his current account), having opened it in June 2018. Yet he already has 15,000 fans – and once you see his photos, you’ll become one too…

1. See why?

2. Bathroom selfies are a must

3. Jaye and his balls. Meatballs, that is

4. We love a man in a net shirt

5. There’s no such thing as too many semi-nude selfies

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Just a quick selfie

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6. Well hello there

7. What is he doing?

8. Just a man and his towel

9. Tight

10. I’ll just lie here naked on the floor

11. Enjoy!

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