Good news – Elite is back for Season Two on Netflix, and with it – the hot, Spanish men who keep taking their clothes off… while having gay sex… so if you’re not going to watch the whole season – we can at least help you with the steamy bits.

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elite threesome bed

As always, helping us dig out the naughty parts are our friends from Mr Man, which is sort of like Netflix, if Netflix only had clips of hot naked Hollywood men. (And at a fraction of the cost of Netflix…)

When the Spanish teen drama Elite premiered on Netflix, we were thrilled with its hot Latin men and steamy gay scenes that had us drooling for more.

Elite aron piper

The second season dropped and to our delight, all our old favourites are back and there are new guys taking off shirts and pants wherever they can.

Elite naked alvaro rico

Álvaro Rico is muy rico when he takes back his robe and shows his socked-up cock. Alvaro later makes out with Arón Piper just like they did in Season One.

Elite lopez cock sock

Also in the new season, Aron and Omar Ayuso enjoy a sultry sex scene together, but it appears Aron has the hots for Alvaro…are you keeping up?

Miguel Bernardeau bulges out in his underwear in a few bulge-tastic scenes and we are here for EVERY last one.

Elite miguel underwear

Jorge López is another underwear-clad babe who lounges shirtless in his undies to show how super sexy he really is. Let’s just say the Spanish meat is in Elite.

Elite shirtless threesome

And as usual, there are some bits (as in bulges) that are a bit too explicit for us – so go over to Mr Man for the uncensored versions…