A hot guy walking around the house naked? Some might not see this as a problem, but when the guy is a straight friend who keeps announcing his nudity, things can get awkward – which is exactly what happened to this guy on Reddit.

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Shirtless man sitting in the kitchen

“I have a friend staying with me while he’s between moves, as a favor”, the guy writes. “He’s straight. He started announcing “I’m naked!” pre- and post- morning shower, which I took to be a goof, but also as an indication to respect his privacy.”

But this is not about goofing around. He’s actually naked:

Turns out he actually does walk naked to and from his room, and in a towel to the kitchen etc. He announced this as I was coming in from walking the dog, along with “No peeking! ha ha“. I thought this was an indication of camaraderie or guy-trust. Or hoped it was.

It’s stupid, but he is attractive, and I sure wouldn’t mind seeing him naked – caught a glimpse in the mirror, and honestly, he looks good. But it’s not funny anymore, and starting to annoy me.

Dog wandered into the guest bathroom. He called me to call the dog away, but asked that I please don’t look at him. He’ll be gone by July. Am I just frustrated, or is his “broish” banter passive-aggressive rather than a goof? 

I don’t want to acknowledge that I’m being insulted or disrespected, but I guess I need confirmation. What’s his game? It ain’t sex, and no way am I going there. Too weird. But it seems like a cocktease.

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