Oh, how we loved “Weeds” – and no, not just because it was a cool show with a cheeky subject (suburban mother selling drugs!), but mostly for Hunter Parrish – aka Silas Botwin – who was the hottest blond thing on our screens back then. Thankfully, they undressed him A LOT on that show, so we also got to witness his impressive body over and over.

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The hottest scenes of Hunter Parrish

Now, Hunter is back on our screens, for Amazon’s “Good Girls Revolt” series. The show, set in 1969, “follows a group of young female researchers at “News of the Week,” who ask to be treated fairly”. Hunter plays one of the male workers at the newspaper.

So, this is a great excuse to look back at some of Hunter’s hottest moments…

1. Semi-Naked Bubble Parrish – On season 7 of “Weeds”, Silas took part in an “art exhibition”, and then he it popped…

2. On season 6, Hunter found out about the perks of college –

And another one from that same scene –

Hunter Parrish having sex in a college bathroom
Photo: Weeds / Showtime

3. Did you know he’s also a singer? Take a look (and a listen) to his 2012 music video – “Sitting at Home” –

4. Fighting the good fight –

5. On season 4, he had some hot moments with none other than Modern Family’s Julie Bowen:

Hunter Parrish with Julie Bowen
Photo: Weeds / Showtime

6. Then there was the time he was paid to read to a man – looking like that

Hunter Parrish reading in a hat
Photo: Showtime / Weeds

7. In 2009 he was on “17 Again” with non other than… Zac Efron

Hunter Parrish and Zac Efron
Photo: 17 Again / New Line Cinema

8. Had enough? Just look at that face…