Hot men are in abundance in Greece, so we always love sampling movies from there. Imagine our delight, then, when we found out about the movie He Loves Me from 2018, which is practically a romantic art project disguised as an erotic film (or the other way around…)

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he loves me naked in water censored

As our friends from Mr Man discovered, this underground Greek film is about as close to porn as it comes. We had to censor some of the explicit stuff – the uncut (pun intended) versions are waiting for you here.

He Loves Me, directed by Konstantinos Menelaou (don’t confuse it with a TV movie by the same name with Heather Locklear!) is the unflinching story of a relationship in its twilight and two impossibly gorgeous guys who are trying to make it work against all odds.

he loves me greek movie

You know, the usual story – two hunks in paradise, fully celebrating each other and their bodies. OK, not so usual for most of us.

This movie comes in at 74 minutes on the runtime and roughly 72 minutes of this one are Hermes Pittakos and Sanuye Shoteka going full-frontal, wrestling naked on the beach, blowing each other underwater, screwing while on a hike, or laying out with a classic jerking off session peppered into their vacation.

sanuye_shoteka he loves me

It marks Nude-Comer roles for both these handsome leads and also marks 9 (YES 9!) nude scenes, where you get to see pretty much every inch of these sunbathing smoke shows from tops to tails.

he loves me naked water bj censored

In this case, we really had to cut out some of the… very explicit scenes. So go on over to Mr Man for the full uncensored version, as well as thousands of other naked male celebrities. You can subscribe for just $5/month.

That’s less than ice coffee on a Greek beach.

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