It might sound like the beginning of a porn scene – but it actually happened in real life, when gay porn star Blake Mitchell (the porn is gay – Blake is bisexual) got to tease a cute Abercrombie & Fitch sales-boy, who ALMOST ended up in bed with him…

Blake Mitchell flag
Photo: Helix Studios

You might recognize 23-year-old Blake Mitchell either from his gay porn scenes with Helix Studios (you can see a LOT more of him via this VERY NSFW link), or maybe from his collaborations with Davey Wavey.

Blake, who is originally from Kentucky, was visiting Las Vegas this weekend, where during some shopping he stumbled into an Abercrombie & Fitch store. “Of course everyone working there is cute. But, there’s this one…”, he wrote on Twitter, and continued:

Of course, Blake picked some things, and had to ask the guy for directions to the changing room…

And the teasing continues:

“So I come out, take everything up to the counter, make sure he’s the one checking me out. (Cuz he totally had been).

And I really liked his shirt. So I start asking if I can buy one and he says he got it last year, so probably not.

So I say, “oh just take that one off and give it to me” 🤓😏 I swear he went from olive to red as I said it.”

Can you guess what happened next? Unfortunately, you would be wrong:

“Yes… had him right in my clutches…”, Blake writes. “Could’ve had him in my room tonight. Something about having it right there, and choosing to let it go gets me off even harder.”

Hmm…maybe next time?

You can see ALL of Blake via this VERY NSFW link…