Blake Mitchell and Casey Tanner are two up and coming porn stars (Working with Helix Studios – NSFW link!), and boyfriends, who’ve been blowing up into the scene (no pun intended). Now they’re trying their hand with a more “mainstream” audience – and have opened their own YouTube channel, called CakeDate.

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CakeDate - Blake Mitchell and Casey Tanner

With Davey Wavey as their mentor, they’ve decided to pull out all the stops – and in their second video have already gotten naked, along with Davey. (As this is YouTube, the private parts are pixelated. Do note though, they had to pixelate a pretty large area. Hmm)

The trio is really adorable, but don’t take our word for it, just watch it right here:


But the fun never ends. On the other side of street, on Davey’s channel, The three(some) have taken a road trip together to – you guessed it – a naked hotel. Watch that one right here: