Cameron Dallas and Justin Bieber are both handsome young men with millions of fans. One is a singer, one is a model and a social media influencer, and now they both have something else in common – bright yellow hair… Or do they?

Cameron Dallas bleached hair
Photo: Instagram

Cameron Dallas’ fans were distraught when they saw the video he posted on his Instagram stories, of himself walking around shirtless (of course) with bright yellow hair, a-la Justin Bieber.

And as a reminder, that’s Justin Bieber with yellow hair:

This isn’t the first time Cameron’s done strange things with his hair – there was that time when he was on vacation in the Turks and Caicos, and ended up looking that:

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But wait! There’s good news (well, depending on whether you’re a fan of Bieber-hair or not). It seems the yellow hair was… just a wig, that Cameron put on for a photoshoot.

So yes, there’s SOME yellow in his hair these days, but it’s not that prominent.